It may be quite challenging for most of us to understand the world and visions of an addict. Some addicts may even refuse to get any help from anyone. They may even turn their backs on us, but the most important thing is we don’t turn our backs on them.


If you think you cannot handle the situation, there are several rehabilitation centers in the country. Do not hesitate to seek help from professionals. Our team has wealth of experience with these situations. With our methods common to psychology and Buddhist principles of meditation, we can lead people to the key concepts of mindfulness. We can help them detach their unwanted and regretful addictive experiences. One of our main goals is to remind them that this is not who they truly are! We believe in the concept of loving kindness or the principle of self acceptance.

Together with these practices and the expertise of our mentors, we can can help individuals with addiction problems both to see clearly the sources of their addiction and to overcome them.

Let us start helping our friends and families! Together, we can overcome this problem! This is your road to recovery!


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